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Training Videos

Ukemi - Falls

This video shows the falls as they should be done by an intermediate/advanced student. We highly suggest the falls be practiced while at the dojo where the floor is padded for safety. Practicing the falls without the proper padding or supervision could result in serious injury if the falls are done incorrectly. 

Kata - Forms

These are some of the katas we practice at Wah Dojo. These forms  range from beginner, intermediate and advanced forms. Through practicing these forms, students learn to focus on their movement, technique, power and balance. Kata is moving meditation. 



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Kobudo Katas - Weapon forms

Wah Dojo also has Kobudo forms. The forms in these videos are only a few of the forms we train and teach. Kobudo training starts at 4th Kyu (Brown Belt). Three Kobudo weapons required for Shodan (Black Belt) as well as the other required Kata.