Shihan Wah's Martial Arts Movie Picks

The following is a list of some of my favorite Martial Arts movies. These are not in any specific order;

Enter the Dragon - Bruce Lee

Game of Death - Bruce Lee

Way of the Dragon - Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris

The Octagon - Chuck Norris

A Force of One - Chuck Norris

Street Fighter - Sunny Chiba

Billy Jack - Tom Laughlin

Fighter in the Wind - Yang Dong-geun

Rapid Fire - Brandon Lee

Fist of Legend - Jet Li

Once Apon a time in China - Jet Li

Romeo Must Die - Jet Li

Hero - Jet Li

Drunken Master 2 - Jackie Chan

Rumble in the Bronks - Jackie Chan

Super Cop - Jackie Chan

Wheels on Meals - Jackie Chan

Police Story - Jackie Chan

The Big Brawl - Jackie Chan

Operation Condor - Jackie Chan

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Chow Yun Fat / Michelle Yeoh

Shogun Assassin - Tomisaburo Wakayama

Lone Wolf and Cub - Tomisaburo Wakayama

Yojombo - Toshiro Mifune

Samurai 1 - Toshiro Mifune

Ip Man - Donnie Yen

Iron Monkey - Donnie Yen

Kung Fu Killer - Donnie Yen

Flash Point - Donnie Yen

Master of The Flying Guillotine -  Kang Chin

The Five Deadly Venoms - Chiang Sheng Sun Chien

Enter the Ninja - Sho Kosugi

Revenge of the Ninja - Sho Kosugi

Pray For Death - Sho Kosugi

Rage of Honor - Sho Kosigi

9 Deaths of the Ninja - Sho Kosugi

Best of the Best - Philip Rhee

Above the Law - Steven Seagal

The Last Dragon - Timak

Kung Fu Hustle - Stephen Chow (and so many more!)

Blood Sport - Jean-Claud Van Damne / Bolo Yeung

The Raid: Redemption - Iko Uwais

The Matrix (Series) - Keanu Reeves

John Wick (series) - Keanu Reeves

Ong Bak - Tony Jaa

Blade (Series) - Wesley Snipes

Mortal Kombat (original) - Robin Shou

Blood and Bone - Michael Jai White

Never Back Down - Michael Jai White

Undisputed - Maichael Jai White

Kill Bill 1 and 2 - Uma Thurman

House of Flying Daggers - Zhang Ziyi

I'm sure I'm probably missing some these are ones that stand out to me as being exceptional. 

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