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How do I start?

Start off by coming down and trying out a class at no charge. Training in Martial Arts is a big step in your life. Much like buying a house or a car, you should get a walk through or a test drive before you sign on the bottom line.

Once you have tried a class or two and you like what we have to offer, we will sit down with you and talk about your future in Kyokushin Karate.

We are different than most Dojo’s out there. We do not have contracts or package deals. We have “Month to Month” tuition. We believe that a student will want to stay enrolled because of the training they receive, not because they are locked in by a contract.

We promote a family environment and are always happy to see parents and family member stay to watch their kids or siblings train.


Schedule & Classes

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Intense Training



My Wife and I enrolled our 2 boys at Wah Dojo with the goal of introducing them to the martial arts world. After touring several dojos, we gravitated to Wah Dojo as it had more of an intimate and organic atmosphere and structure compared to some of the “commercial” dojos.


All of the instructors we’ve observed are great with the kids and we particularly appreciate the “no nonsense” culture where the students are challenged to take the art seriously.


We look forward to their continued advancement as each progression has been so rewarding for our boys. 


When we enrolled Malia at Kyokushin School of Karate I knew this program would challenge Malia to push herself beyond her own expectations. With Shihan Wah she immediately trusted him and therefore took his critiques and advice to heart. At her prior establishment they babied her and here that wasn't going to happen. She was expected to do push-ups and sit ups and spar, all of the criteria that goes into a Kyokushin karate class.

Most importantly karate has gifted Malia the confidence to stand up for herself and physically hold her own. When she is active and she falls outside of class she recalls immediately how to tuck and roll and protect her head.  If her cousin is taunting her with pool noodles egging her on for a sparring match, she can enter the match with a smile on her face because she knows she has the skill set and the endurance to take it to the next level. When someone says girls can't do real push-ups, she will drop to the ground to prove them wrong.

Some days she is tired or stressed because of school and the desire to walk into the dojo and have her physical and mental strength challenged is weakened. But after class she is always glad she went. The feeling of accomplishment is omnipresent after each lesson.

The skill set coupled with the social and emotional lessons she learns in karate seeps into her everyday life effortlessly. This couldn't be accomplished without Kyokushin School of Karate. There is a balance between teaching self-defense, discipline and integrity towards your opponent and the instructors at this establishment embody this goal.


   We LOVE WAH Dojo!
After moving from the east coast, my husband looked for years to find the right school that felt like home to him.


Not only is it a great school for adults, but also for my kids!


The confidence, strength and discipline that my son and daughter have gained from Wah Dojo is incredible! I’m so grateful we found this school!


My son has been training at WAH Dojo since age 5. He is 13 now and still loves the experience.  Over the years, he has grown physically, mentally and emotionally through rigorous training and discipline.  His self confidence is evident with adults and kids older than his age. 

Kyokushin style karate at WAH Dojo is led by Shihan WAH who is masterful at training boys and girls of all ages the Marshall Arts for self defense, physical strength, discipline and mental maturity.  His group of instructors are excellent and follow the same method of teaching. 

The dojo’s culture has become a second family and one of the best decisions we ever made for my son.


I came to Wah Dojo looking for a place where my kids could learn Kyokushin Karate.  The dojo is a safe environment where students learn discipline, respect, and self-defense, while they train their minds and bodies. Students of all ages and levels are trained by the most experienced teachers, including Shihan Wah himself.


My boys have fun and love the classes, and they are becoming more and more focused. After watching my boys train and observing a few classes I decided to try a class myself. There are no egos here and all are welcome. In the adult classes I am able to train with all skill levels and abilities. 


Through training at Wah Dojo, the Kyokushin Way has become a lifestyle for my family, and our minds and bodies have never been stronger.

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