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Spectacular Moments at Wah Dojo 

Our students work very hard  training themselves to be the best they can be.  We will be switching photos from time to time of both recent events and  photos from  Wah Dojo history.  We hope you enjoy them.

Pictures and Videos of Zac and Caroline's Shodan Testing 8/26/2022

Group Photo
Zac, Shihan Wah and Caroline
Bowing in for Kata as 1st Kyu for the last time
Clean break of 5
Entire Group Photo
Clean Break of 5
Ko Bu Nunchaku
Zac and Sensei Luo
Caroline and Sensei Novion
Tonfa Kata
Zac and Chris W.
Faded and getting ready for more
Tonfa Kata
Zac and Mohit
Caroline and Alex L.
Caroline and Zac

Training Videos