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A way to live by

Incorporate these Mottos of Mas Oyama in to your everyday way of life and not just your training. This will enhance your life.

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What or who is the real competition?

The only competition you have is you. You can defeat your self much easier than any opponent ever can if you doubt yourself. Believe in yourself and strive to be better every day!

Although there may be people that have the same goals as you, you will not all have a the same journey!


Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

In order for your brain and body to create the proper pathways and make something 1st nature you have to have repetition. In order for you to have repetition you have to have dedication.  In order to have dedication you have to have discipline and to have discipline you have to have focus. 


You will only perform to the level of your training. Lack of practice creates doubt and lack of confidence. Practicing is time you devote to yourself. Think of it like investing in your future for a better state of mind and a healthier life.

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