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Mottos to live by
Incorporate Mas Oyama's 11 Mottos  into your everyday way of life and not just your training. This will enhance your life.

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Who is the real competition?

The only competition you have is you. You will defeat yourself much easier than any opponent if you doubt yourself. Believe in yourself and strive to be better every day. 

Your path is your own. No two people will have the same journey even though they are both trying to achieve the same goal. 

The journey is what makes the destination so special. The destination is to make a better version of yourself. 


Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

In order for our brain and body to create the proper pathways and make something 1st nature you have to have repetition. In order for you to have repetition you have to have dedication.  In order to have dedication you have to have discipline. To have discipline you have to have focus. These things come from practice.


We will only perform to the level of our training. Lack of practice creates doubt and lack of confidence. Practicing is time you devote to yourself. Think of it like investing in your future for a better state of mind and a healthier life.

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They say practice makes perfect. But only perfect practice creates the muscle memory we need to be able to do the movement perfectly. 

it has been said, Only when you have done the technique 1000 times in a row correctly have you begun to fully understand the technique.

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Shaping the tool and sharpening the tool are different. Your technique may be the shape you want it but will it stand up to the heat of battle?

Even more than sharpening the tool, one must sharpen the weapon (the mind) in order to weather the storm of combat. You cannot have a strong body without a strong mind. 

Through hard work, dedication  and constantly pushing one's self  is how  we forge our spirit and build character.


Character is  built from learning from our mistakes, overcoming our defeats and facing our fears.


Falling down can be hard . For many getting back up over and over again can be even harder. Remember, every time you fall down, it gives you us a new opportunity to  learn a new way of getting up and another chance to not fall down.


Soon, you will not only learn how to get back up, you will learn to  fall less.  


Many people want things to happen now. We are looking for the quickest way, the fastest results.  Nature cannot speed up it's process and yet every time it gets it correct. 

Have patience with yourself and let the process work. You will see the results you are looking for in time.  

If we are more patient with our selves we will find we have more patience  with others. 

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